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March 20, 2017

TAG system by TagEvac incorporating the Euro Stopper

Here is a fantastic example of where an STI product, the Euro Stopper is incorporated into an OEM bespoke evacuation system.


TagEvac helps simplify and better manage emergency evacuations. They do this using a simple colour-coded TAG system to show each evacuation zone is checked.

To help them protect and secure the TAG at each location they use the Euro Stopper from STI. The Euro Stopper with Glow Guide provides clients with a simple, secure, recognised and trusted product. And it has given them the scope for designing solutions that work. Euro StoCUSTOM TAG Stationpper is now an integral part of their products and used for both the MODULAR and CUSTOM systems.

Their systems are now trusted by some of the world’s leading organisations such as GSK, Coca Cola and Lloyd’s of London to help manage their evacuations.

For more details on TagEvacs products, solutions and Case Studies please go to www.tagevac.com.

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