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December 18, 2018

False fire alarms across NHS Trusts in sharp rise

False fire alarms have risen by 20 per cent in just three years at NHS Trusts across England; stretching resources, unsettling patients and disrupting vital care.

Figures from NHS Digital reveal there were 20,126 false fire alarms at NHS Trusts in England throughout 2017/18, compared with 16,847 in 2015/16 and 19,777 in 2016/17 – one Trust alone recorded upwards of 500 false alarms.

The worrying figures show that a number of patient’s sustained ‘injuries during evacuation’, highlighting the damaging effects of an unnecessary evacuation.

Across the 232 NHS Trusts listed within the data, a total of 1,391 genuine fires were recorded during 2017/18.

The Call Point Stopper® is a protective cover ideal for areas with a risk of accidental activation, such as hospitals and healthcare facilities. The clear UV-stabilised polycarbonate cover does not restrict legitimate operation of vulnerable call points and will help to distinguish the difference between a manual call point and a green electronic door release when located close by.

If there is a history of malicious activations whereby patients or visitors are purposely activating the fire alarms; causing unwanted evacuations and disrupting important care to residence, the Euro Stopper® offers a solution.

Unwanted evacuations through false fire alarms disrupts vital patient care

Unwanted evacuations disrupts vital patient care.

The tamper-proof cover features the same sturdy UV-stabilised polycarbonate housing as the Call Point Stopper but has the useful addition of an optional integral sounder. The 96 dB sounder emits a piercing alarm when the cover is lifted drawing immediate attention to the area, allowing the Euro Stopper to act as both a visual and audible deterrent for those looking to raise a false alarm maliciously.

If further protection is still required the Universal Stopper® provides IP56 protection from the elements, with a tough outer dome that is strong enough to withstand the severest of knocks from hospital beds and trollies. An optional 96dB sounder defends against malicious activation.

Conforming up to IP66, the Enviro Stopper® offers the same UV-stabilised polycarbonate protection and piercing alarm, whilst guarding against ingress in harsh environments such as wet rooms.

For further information on how STI’s range of polycarbonate protective covers can help reduce false alarms, contact; sales@sti-emea.com, call +44 (0)1527 520 999 or visit www.sti-emea.com.

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