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Call Points & Switches

Suitable for applications both indoors and outdoors, STI has a variety of call point switches, emergency buttons, round push switches, fire alarm buttons, and multipurpose push button switches, many of which are ADA Compliant.

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Suitable for applications both indoors and outdoors, we have a variety of resettable call points, momentary push buttons, push to reset/ latching buttons and key switches. The ReSet indoor fire model is EN54-11 approved. Designed to complement other systems, such as fire alarms and exit alarms, they incorporate a unique, patented design to dramatically help reduce accidental activation. We also have a series of protective covers for resettable manual call points and push button switches.

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Can You Carry 230 Different Buttons in one Toolbox?

The STI Universal Button has all the parts you need to make 230 different buttons. Forget special orders.

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