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Polycarbonate covers, environmental enclosures and heavy duty steel cages from STI help you reduce costly equipment replacement and repairs. With our enclosures, covers and cages, you can rely on STI for proper operation of life safety devices and other equipment.

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Our range of lockable polycarbonate enclosures, bio protector covers and control panel enclosures are perfect for anti-vandalism and protection against accidental damage or the environment. Strong and durable, all of our protective cabinets, covers and enclosures guard against both accidental and intentional physical damage. The Stopper Line includes smoke detector covers and cages, heated cabinets, Waterproof enclosures, lockable polycarbonate enclosures and CCTV damage stoppers designed for anti-vandalism.

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Missing or inoperable fire extinguishers?

Now you can help prevent malicious or accidental damage or theft of extinguishers.

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