Every year, vandalism and theft of equipment costs businesses billions in replacement or repair. All of STI’s alarms and equipment protectors help to guard against damage and misuse of vital life safety equipment as well as important devices and secure entries and exits.

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Protective polycarbonate covers and cost effective security devices help to prevent theft, misuse and vandalism to essential fire and security equipment. The Stopper®, a protective cover helps prevents false fire alarms or damage to vulnerable call points and switches housed in hazardous environments. The tough polycarbonate can take the severest of knocks, whilst the audible battery alarm acts as an effective deterrent drawing immediate attention to the area preventing misuse. The Exit Stopper® monitors the unauthorised use of emergency fire exit doors and the Extinguisher Stopper® is a cost effective way to prevent extinguishers from being stolen. Other products include heavy-duty cages or polycarbonate protectors for critically important smoke detectors.

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Visual and Audible Alert With Many Applications

The Select-Alert Siren and Strobes are a highly effective additional signalling device to alert to any unauthorised use and tampering of important devices.

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