Theft Related


Equipment theft due to unauthorised exit/entries through fire exit doors? STI's door alarms can help with this problem.

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Stolen or misused fire extinguisher

Smoke detector vandalism

Missing documents and keys

The key isn’t in its rightful place, or critically important documents have been moved again! We have a range of keyboxes, enclosures & covers that provide protection & can only be accessed by authorised personnel.

Fire beacon theft and tampering

Vandalised fire beacons, leaving them inoperable can pose as a threat to life safety. Our range of heavy-duty cages will provide a level of protection and guard against any misuse, vandalism or theft.

Unauthorised exit/entry through fire doors

Vandalised external lighting

In poorly lit areas external lighting is vital. When vandalised, not only poses as a hazard but also compromises safety. Heavy-duty cages guard against vandalism without restricting the performance of the light.