Whether intentional or accidental, STI helps protect equipment in gymnasiums, hallways, entryways and other high traffic areas.

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False fire alarms activation

Stolen or misused fire extinguisher

Smoke detector vandalism

Repeatedly replacing broken fire call point glass

Prevent Thermostat tinkering

Temperature tampering is well known. To regulate & reduce energy costs, our polycarbonate covers can be supplied to protect thermostats with the option of either a key lock or a thumb lock to deter misuse.

Fire beacon theft and tampering

Vandalised fire beacons, leaving them inoperable can pose as a threat to life safety. Our range of heavy-duty cages will provide a level of protection and guard against any misuse, vandalism or theft.

Vandalised CCTV and Security control panels

Tampering of keypads and Biometric readers

Tampering or spying can be avoided with the range of Keypad Protectors which prevent unwanted eyes viewing your entry codes, this provides safety and security for your staff.

Water damage to fire call points

Vandalised external lighting

In poorly lit areas external lighting is vital. When vandalised not only poses as a hazard but also compromises safety. Heavy-duty cages guard against vandalism without restricting the performance of the light.