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October 26, 2020

STI delighted with new appointment

Safety Technology International is pleased to welcome Esther Cottrell back to the company after more than seven years absence. Having worked for the company almost 13 years prior to leaving, Esther brings a wealth of industry experience and product knowledge with her.

The family owners in the USA have welcomed Esther’s return and Managing Director Steve Hunt said: “It is unfortunate Esther left STI when I arrived in 2013, as I am sure her career would have developed with the growth of the company. The previous UK management misguided Esther to the point where she felt she had to leave, however, we all look forward to working with Esther for years to come.”

Esther commented: “It’s a great honour to be welcomed back into the “STI family” and I am encouraged how the company has grown over the last 7 years. Whilst I am saddened by the misguidance which forced my departure 7 years ago and how my potential career progression may have been negatively impacted, I am now encouraged and excited for the future with STI EMEA.

“The investment in the new premises, products and staff is clearly evident, and it’s apparent with the leadership of Steve Hunt, STI EMEA has been taken to the next level. I am extremely grateful to Steve along with the owners of Safety Technology International for believing in me and providing me with such a fantastic opportunity to re-join the team.”

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