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October 30, 2020

WATCH: Don’t be afraid of the dark – Rely on STI!

When the lights go out, don’t be afraid of the dark, rely on STI’s unique Glow Guide to illuminate your manual call point in an emergency!

The Glow Guide, a unique material embedded in the frame of the Euro Stopper protective cover, illuminates in the dark making it easy to locate a manual call point in unlit areas – essential for use in emergencies.

The easily visible glowing pigment will release light for up to eight hours in darkness or dimly lit areas and charges up after only 30 minutes exposure to natural or artificial light.

Putting an end to your false fire alarm problem, the versatile Euro Stopper guards against both accidental and malicious activations – helping you comply with BS 5839-1:2017.

Constructed from a sturdy UV-stabilised polycarbonate housing that retrofits over existing call points, switches and buttons, the Euro Stopper can also be fitted with an integral sounder as an additional deterrent against false activation.

To find out how the Euro Stopper can protect your manual call point and illuminate it in the dark, click here.
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